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"Exploding with capacity and ambition, Carol Muske-Dukes' new poems are the strongest yet from a poet whose work has long been essential reading. Twin Cities formal and architectural intelligence is stunning, as well as heart-stopping in its insight into 'how damage is made.' The richness of the language is made to carry the maximum bearable amount of emotion - political, spiritual, social, familial, erotic - via brightly-lit imagery which astounds with its originality, felicity, and honesty."
-- Jorie Graham

"SPARROW is a powerful, compelling journey from the loss of a personal paradise to the regaining that follows. Carol Muske-Dukes shows us how grief can be stabilized by craft and sense brought to bear on anguish, one careful line of poetry at a time."
--Billy Collins


Married to the Icepick Killer
A Poet in Hollywood
Prizewinning poet and novelist Carol Muske-Dukes offers smart, entertaining stories and reflections about the unpredictable marriage of L.A. and literature.
(See Reviews of Married to the Icepick Killer).

Carol Muske is a beautiful, ambitious poet who has not rested on her gifts for language and cadence. She has chosen instead to let a musical light become the infinitely more testing light of disaster and interrogation."
--Eavan Boland

"With Red Trousseau, Carol Muske achieves the insight, emotional accuracy, and terrifying sureness of moral discernment she has always sought. She surveys human relations with an acid clairvoyance through which the reckless currents of personal and cultural history course, ripping away all but the essential tones of the human conversation with its humanity: terror, sometimes courage, excessive need, and the stubborn twin habits of hope and representation. This is urgent and beautifully confident work."
--Jorie Graham

Wyndmere performs a rare feat: it celebrates love in all its vagaries without the slightest self-indulgence or self-importance. Muske's tone, as she observes her own fears and passions, is bemused and restrained; her eye is always on the object.
--Marjorie Perloff
(See Review of Wyndmere).

The author says of this book: "Applause is a collection of poems about joy and dread, the two conditions of spirit with which I am most familiar. Regarding the title, applause is always a political, communal gesture, even if only one person claps -- by clapping she makes herself plural. What a strange phenomenon, to be single and plural at once, to feel joy and dread simultaneously, to wish to acknowledge publicly one's anonymity".

Truth, Autobiography, and the Shape of Self
In the present climate of truth-telling, autobiography, and testimony, the positioning of the self as autobiographical referrent in poetry has become central to our reading of poems by women. In Women and Poetry, poet Carol Muske critically examines her evolving attitudes on the subject of women poets and the self.
--University of Pittsburgh
(See Review of Women in Poetry).

"On a dark day, when I've read too much, and all the poets start turning into each other, I like to think about Carol Muske, who only turns into more wonderful versions of herself. Her dazzle and virtuosity are one of a kind: Mozartean. That's as high as I know how to go".
--Carolyn Kizer

Lies, wishes, fantasies-all the weaponry of compassionate imagination at war with society-deploy with delicious satire in Muske's first book.
--Library Journal