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 David Dukes Memorial Scholarship

Donate online today at the USC Online Giving Site Please go the website to make a secure credit card donation. Your donation is tax deductible and a USC gift receipt will be sent to you via US mail.

The scholarship, established in memory of the late actor David Coleman Dukes, is awarded annually to a third-year Theater Arts student working toward a career in stage acting. A bronze plaque commemorating the scholarship benefit held in David Coleman Dukes' name can be seen in the lobby of the Bing Theater, off Queen's Court on the USC campus.
— Madeline Puzo, Dean, USC School of Theatre

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• Magical Poetry Blimp

Dear friends,

I hope you have received your copy of the beautiful Magic Poetry Bus Driver's Guide --we managed to print a small "gift" run for our friends and donors and staff -- and now we are eager to print again. (The Bus is now changing to a Magical Poetry BLIMP, btw - our Bus was felt to be a little too close to Scholastic's Magic Schoolbus which is a trademark, so we are going with the zeppelin!)

My tenure as California poet laureate will be up in September of this year and I am very eager to see our plan of distributing The Guide free to all of California's public schools become a reality. To this end, we are launching a campaign to raise a hundred thousand dollars - or any amount below or above -- to print more copies of the Guide and get them into the schools. We are talking to individuals as well as corporations (if you know anyone involved in community outreach at a corporation or bank - please let us know.)

Here is the link to donate to the Magical Poetry Blimp project:

Please note at this GET LIT site (GET LIT IS our partner and also is our fiscal sponsor) that you are donating to our project, The Magic Poetry Bus (or soon-to-be Blimp!)

Again, any amount is welcome and we would love to hear from you.

Thanks for your generosity in the past and here's to the future!

Carol Muske-Dukes, Poet Laureate, Calif.
April 2011

• 4/14/11: The Archer School for Girls - Speaker Series

Thursday, April 14, 6:00 p.m.

11725 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90049

"California Poet Laureate Carol Muske-Dukes will be speaking in the evening to the Archer Community. She is author of seven books of poetry, most recently Sparrow, a National Book Award finalist published by Random House in 2003. Her talk will include a poetry reading, Q&A, and a book signing. During the day, Muske-Dukes will do a poetry writing workshop with the creative writing class. For more information, email Genevieve Morgan at or visit Archer.Org. On-campus parking available."

• Oprah Magazine

Famous Poets Reveal How They Found Their Calling


• Photo

Sotheby's Benefit Auction for America: Now & Here in New York on June 23, 2010. From left to right: actress Swoosie Kurtz, playwright Marsha Norman, poet Carol Muske-Dukes, and poet Bob Holman.

• Liz Taylor, David Coleman Dukes & Sara Ballantine

Dear Carol,

We have not spoken in way too long, and I do not hold that against you, as I know you are one of the busiest blondes in LA! Just wanted to share a reminiscence of David with you.

In 1980, when I was 24 or 25, depending on who you want to believe, me or my drivers license- David was shooting "The First Deadly Sin", with Frank Sinatra and Faye Dunaway. I think this was even before you met him, Carol. Scott was off doing "Of Mice and Men" in Hartford, and David had invited me often to visit on the set, and he said he would introduce me to Frank Sinatra! As thrilling as that sounded, I was often very busy in NYC, and could never manage to get to any of his locations in a timely manner.

Then, one day he called and said, "Hi Sara, you really should try and come down to the set tonight. We are shooting in the Wall Street area, and Elizabeth Taylor is coming down to see Frank, and we could hang out and have a great time"! Well, I wouldn't have ever forgiven myself if I had missed that opportunity, so I took a nap and taxied down to Wall Street around 9:30 pm. It was like trying to get in to Fort Knox! I had never seen so many cops without a dead body somewhere.

Finally, I was able to catch David's eye, and he squired me through the rows of New York's finest, as a limo pulled up, and out popped Ms Taylor! She was quite a sight to behold. Dazzlingly beautiful, and about 48, right? She was sweet and demure and flirtatious when she met David, and then he introduced me, and she was perfunctory, and simply polite.

When Frank came out, it was like old home week, lots of hugs, and somehow, camera bulbs flashing, as the word must have gone out to every paparazzi wanna be in Manhattan. I will never forget her energy. Covered in diamonds, it was as though they created a force field around her. She seemed almost protected by some impervious barrier, which locked her away from the rest of us common folks. Apparently, she was a real down to earth babe, who loved to eat, and loved her men, but that night, she seemed to be delighted to once again to be viewed as the best prize in life's box of Cracker Jacks. Does that reference make me seem old?

Anyway, it was only because of David that I would ever have had a moment with Liz, and I will never forget it. I hope things are going great for you, and there will be a glass of wine with our names on it sometime this year!

Love and Light always,

• 1/31/11: Dancing the Poem

Dancing the Poem (Visions and Voices - The USC Arts and Humanities Initiative)
January 31, 2011 at 7:00PM

USC University Park Campus
Ronald Tutor Campus Center (TCC)
Grand Ballroom, Section A

Free Admission

"The Get Lit Players-teen poets from Los Angeles-and USC dancers led by USC dance director Margo Apostolos will enact and dance both traditional and spoken-word poems. Poems by contemporary poets, including Joy Harjo, Robert Pinsky and others, will be read aloud by California poet laureate Carol Muske-Dukes, then interpreted by the Get Lit Players and danced in a variety of styles, including jazz, tap, modern and hip hop. The event will demonstrate the creative relationship between dance and language. A great poem may dance on the page; this event will translate that choreography of our imaginations into reality. The performance will be followed by a discussion."

Click here for more infomation about this event.

• Quick Takes on MariaShriver.Com

What is the best advice Carol Muske-Dukes has ever received? Visit Maria Shriver's website to find out.

Also find out what is the biggest risk that Carol has ever taken here.

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