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 David Dukes Memorial Scholarship

Donate online today at the USC Online Giving Site Please go the website to make a secure credit card donation. Your donation is tax deductible and a USC gift receipt will be sent to you via US mail.

The scholarship, established in memory of the late actor David Coleman Dukes, is awarded annually to a third-year Theater Arts student working toward a career in stage acting. A bronze plaque commemorating the scholarship benefit held in David Coleman Dukes' name can be seen in the lobby of the Bing Theater, off Queen's Court on the USC campus.
— Madeline Puzo, Dean, USC School of Theatre

 © Carol Muske Dukes


Poetry Out Loud (3/22 to 3/23/09)

Carol will be the keynote speaker at the convocation taking place on March 22nd, Sunday evening. She will also participate as poetry judge during the competition on March 23rd, Monday morning.

Both events will take place at Sheraton Grand Ball Room in Sacramento.

Go here for more info.

Introducing Adrienne Rich (3/24/09)

Carol Muske-Dukes will be introducing Adrienne Rich, distinguished American poet. Rich will be giving a poetry reading and book signing at USC on March 24th at 4:00pm.

USC University Park Campus
Doheny Memorial Library
Room 240

Please go here for more info and to RSVP.

Women's Voices for Change Review of Twin Cities

Go <a href="">here</a> to read Women's Voices For Change's take on Carol Muske-Dukes' recent poem, "Twin Cities".

Video Clips: The Creative Community & 2007 Reading

Be sure to go <a href="">here</a> to view an episode of The Creative Community that features Carol. This program airs on <a href="">The Santa Barbara Channels</a>.<br /><br />On this page, there are also video clips of Carol reading excerpts from <i>Channeling Mark Twain</i> at Dutton's Bookstore, Brentwood California on September 26, 2007.

3/30: Robert Pinsky Poetry Reading

<img src="" align=left><b><i>Essential Pleasures: A New Anthology of Poems to Read Aloud</b></i><br />Monday, 3/30/09 @ 7PM<br />McNally Jackson Booksellers<br />52 Prince Street @ Mulbery Street (Soho, New York)<br />212.274.1160<br /><br />Joining Pinsky along with CK Williams, Phillip Schultz, Mark Strand and Sharon Olds. Carol will be unable to make this event. For more info, click <a href="">here</a>

The Magic Poetry Bus Project

<a href=" "><img src="" align=left height=175></a>THE MAGIC POETRY BUS is the statewide poetry/arts project of Carol Muske-Dukes, newly-appointed Poet Laureate of California.<br /><br />Please go to <a href="">THE MAGIC POETRY BUS PROJECT site</a> to learn more. <br /><br />You may also go to <a href="">this section</a> of the Creative Visions Foundation site to read the mission statement and to donate to the project.

Carol's New Huffington Post Blog Entry: Over Your Dead Body (Last Rights)

<img src="" align=left>Click <a href="">here</a> to go read Carol's new blogging entry.

10/11/11 The Poetry Foundation Event

Carol Muske-Dukes will be reading and speaking at an evening hosted by The Poetry Foundation in Chicago - discussing the book Crossing State Lines: an American Renga for the Foundation and Chicago poets - with her co-editor, poet Bob Holman.

Magic Poetry Blimp Flyer

April 2011<br /><br />To All Kids, Teachers and Friends -<br /><br />Greetings from The Magical Poetry Blimp! The Blimp is a fantasy vehicle – and we hope that you will hop aboard and zip along with us, as you turn the pages (virtually or physically) of The Magical Poetry Blimp Pilot's Guide.<br /><br />In my last months as Poet Laureate of California, I am seeking to fulfill my charge from the governor's office – to create a state-wide poetry project capable of reaching communities where poetry might not be readily available. Many schools have little curriculum time allocated for the arts in this time of economic crisis – and less time for the crucial art of Poetry. Poetry (+ reading and writing and absorbing poems) helps kids learn to think and remember and appreciate the beauty and power of words.<br /><br /><em>The Magical Poetry Blimp Pilot's Guide</em> (downloadable for free at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>!) is a way to make poetry – its rhyme and forms and always-remembered lines – readily available to all who want to encounter poetry, to read and write and learn it by heart – plus take off on the Blimp (the Imagination) and have a wonderful time! We hope the guide will be useful to students from ages 7-12 or so (depending on their reading level).<br /><br />This entertaining, educational, interactive Guide is all yours – thanks to all of the writers who contributed chapters – and to the amazing designer/contributor Diana Arterian, the illustrious illustrator Rick Cortez and web-wizard Dave Howard – and so many others, who've fueled the Blimp and piloted it to the skies!<br /><br />Please spread the word about the Blimp, so more students can learn, write and share sonnets, haikus, and ballads in the near future! We hope that you will hop aboard and zip along with us, as you turn the pages (virtually or physically) of The Magical Poetry Blimp Pilot's Guide.<br /><br />Enjoy - and please send us feedback about the Guide on our <a href="" target="_blank">website</a> - we'd love to hear from you!<br /><br />- Carol Muske-Dukes, California Poet Laureate<br /><br /><a href="eblast.png" target="_blank"><img src="eblast.png" width="300" border=1></a>

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